One of my favorite characters from TV is Get Smart’s Maxwell Smart. He had a catchphrase where he would ask the villain “would you believe…” and come up with an outlandish example that was supposed to convince the bad guy to give up. Of course, it never worked, but it was awfully funny.
I bring that phrase up because when you believe in something, good or bad, that often becomes your result. If you tell yourself, “tomorrow is going to be a rotten day,” chances are it will be a rotten day. What we believe comes true. So why not start believing the best in ourselves? Yes, it’s hard but it can be done and hypnosis can be a tremendous help with belief and self-confidence. Many of the people whom I help stop smoking or lose weight come to me with no confidence in their ability to succeed. They may have tried to lose weight and been temporarily successful, but ultimately put the weight back on. So one of the first items we work with is changing that negative to a positive. When you believe in yourself and your abilities, those abilities rise up. Hypnosis can help you increase your self-confidence and with that increased feeling of well being, increase your success.
It’s also possible without hypnosis – just turn that negative self talk into positive self talk. Don’t say, “this is going to be tough and I hope I succeed.” Tell yourself “I know that I’m going to succeed over any obstacles that come up. It may get hard at times but I will reach that goal.” What you envision will become your result. Instead of worrying over what might go wrong, picture everything going right and you will be on your road to success.
If you want to learn how hypnosis can help you with confidence, overcoming fear, and helping you focus on your goals, come in for a free hypnosis consultation. I’ve been proudly serving York County and South Central Pennsylvania with hypnosis services for many years and I’d love to help you.