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Hypnosis is a proven, effective method to produce lasting change and can often work where other strategies have not.


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Hypnosis was approved for use by the American Medical Association in the ’50’s and is studied and taught at top universities like Harvard and Yale. A skilled hypnotist harnesses the power of your subconscious mind to effect real and lasting change.

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Carl Birkmeyer has years of experience helping people use hypnosis to achieve their goals, even if no other method has worked before. Since hypnosis works in the subconscious mind, it can create change where other therapies have failed.

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We’ll discuss your specific goals and determine if hypnosis is right for you. All options and strategies are reviewed in a relaxed, easy-going manner in my Stewartstown office.

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I’ll go over the details of your individual hypnosis program as well as the exact cost. There are no surprises and there is no obligation or pressure to proceed.

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