The answer to why most diets fail is simple – they take us out of our usual eating habits and replace them with something unusual or radically different. Anybody remember the Grapefruit Diet? How about the Cabbage Soup Diet? Anybody would lose weight after eating nothing but cabbage soup for two weeks, but that diet isn’t sustainable. No one can spend the rest of their life eating that way. So you get a temporary weight loss but not lasting weight loss.
That’s where hypnosis comes in – it provides lasting weight loss by changing your eating habits permanently. No funky pills, diets, or pre-bought meals – hypnosis helps you lose weight by creating a new, more enjoyable lifestyle for you. In fact, you enjoy your new way of life so much that you can’t even think of your old way of living. It is automatic for you.
Let’s face it, you already know what to do to lose weight – eat less and move more. The hard part is getting ourselves to do it and continue doing it for a long time – not with hypnosis. I’ll work with you to create a hypnosis plan that works for you. One that makes it easy for you to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Even on vacations and during holidays!
Get started by coming in for a free hypnosis evaluation and learn how you can lose weight and feel great.