One of my favorite hobbies is scuba diving. There’s a bit of preparation involved, but once your in the water, it’s almost magical. You’re in another world. Though you’re attention is always partly on your dive partner or leader, you’re mostly alone with your own thoughts, exploring this wonderful world of living beauty.

In a nutshell, that’s what hypnosis is like as well. In hypnosis you’re exploring the world of your own thoughts but you’re also living in them, both now and in the future. The hypnotist is like your dive partner – guiding you safely to see and experience new things and reach your goals. Both hypnosis and scuba diving are also inherently relaxing. Now I don’t do deep water diving or cave exploring, I just enjoy floating through the water and being a part of another world as it adapts to me. That also has similarities with hypnosis. You can choose to just enjoy the relaxation or you can also use it to explore new worlds of your mind and help you create a new life.

If you’d like to experience hypnosis and see how it can help you achieve your goals, come on in and let’s talk. If you’d rather talk scuba diving, I’m up for that as well.