If you’ve ever been on a cruise or have researched one, you know that the food options on a cruise are staggering. Buffets, 24-food with unlimited servings, free ice cream and pizza, and gourmet restaurants, it can be really tough to maintain a diet when you’re on a cruise. Fortunately, none of my weight loss clients are put on a diet so cruises and vacations don’t affect their weight.

Diets fail because they impose a set of restrictions that are impossible to live with for a significant period of time. Hypnosis helps you establish a new pattern of eating. A pattern of eating healthy foods, reasonable portions, and of eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. This pattern gets established in your subconscious and, though it takes conscious effort at the start, after a while, this new pattern requires no conscious thought and merely is the new you and it feels great. You find yourself just as satisfied with a few bites of a cake, rather than a large slice. That’s right, you eat less and enjoy it more.

Picture a professional wine taster. The will spend a minute or so examining the wine in the glass, enjoying its color and reflection. Then, they’ll take some time to inhale the bouquet of the wine, allowing it to spread throughout their mouth and nose. After swirling it a bit to aerate it (and enjoy the sound), they’ll take a small sip and swirl it around in their mouth. By the time they swallow, they’ve thoroughly enjoyed that small amount of wine. Contrast that with the person who downs the glass of wine in a minute. Did they enjoy it in the same way? Did they even know what they were drinking?

Wouldn’t you like to be that person who can enjoy a small taste of cake, or pizza, or cheesecake and be totally satisfied with that amount? Hypnosis is how you can do that. If you want to discuss your weight loss goals, come on in for a free consultation and we’ll discuss how hypnosis can help you reach your goal weight. You can even go on a cruise while you’re losing weight!