You’ll hear a ton of motivational coaches and speakers talk about how if you increase your effort, you’ll increase your results. That’s not necessarily true. What is true is that changing your mindset changes your results and increases your successes. There’s no better or quicker way to change your mindset than hypnosis. Let me give you an example.

Take a golfer who has trouble putting and that’s holding his game back. He practices putting constantly, but can’t duplicate that during an actual game. In fact, it’s actually making him putt worse because it now is constantly on his mind. With hypnosis, he can change his mindset, relax and visualize his success, and putt consistently well in practice and in games. He’s put his powerful subconscious mind to work, increasing confidence and results. This is the real story of one of my clients – two hours of hypnosis gave him a mindset of success that paid off far better than 20 hours of practice.

Effort is great, you need effort to succeed. When you put your powerful mind to work, you’ll find that effort more focused and productive and you’ll find yourself more successful as well.