I recently attended a seminar that was billed as “Lose Weight With Hypnosis” and it claimed that one night would make you lose weight permanently. In addition, it offered a lifetime guarantee. Who could resist? I attended with an open mind, hoping to learn something. The first 1/3 of the session was fine and they discussed healthy eating and even mentioned vitamins that would help. That was my first red flag. The hypnotist then mentioned the cost of the recommended vitamins at GNC and then the sales pitch began. Your weight loss would be helped dramatically if you only bought their $400 package of vitamins. Turns out the hypnotist was an employee of a the company producing the seminar, which did not appear anywhere on the publicity or material handed out that night. A little research of science-based websites show the weight loss claims of these supplements to be unproven, naturally.
The truth is that there is no magic cure for obesity, even hypnosis. Hypnosis will help you control cravings, increase your motivation, and change your eating habits. You also need to follow a healthy diet low in fat, sugar, and calories, while exercising, even if it’s only thirty seconds a night. Hypnosis with a certified consulting hypnotist is a great way to attain your goal weight but it will take more than one group seminar.
A legitimate hypnotist will reveal at the start if he is employed by the company that manufacturers products he is selling. In fact, a legitimate hypnotist will not attempt to sell you any weight loss products, other than his services and perhaps reinforcement self-hypnosis products. A professional hypnotist has your concerns at the top of their list, not the selling of dubious products.