Have you ever played a hole of golf where every single thing went right? Of course you have and wouldn’t it be great if you could have that kind of consistency and results on every hole? With hypnosis, you can have those kinds of results.

I’ve met with dozens of golfers over the years and all of them tell me that golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. They’ll spend hundreds of dollars buying new equipment and dozens of hours trying out new swings and techniques, but they won’t spend that effort on improving their mental game. There’s no better way to improve that mental game than with hypnosis.

Tiger Woods has used hypnosis. Jack Nicklaus has used hypnosis. There’s a reason why – it works. It works tremendously well. It also works for golfers of all levels, not just the top pros. Hypnosis will help you achieve your peak performance on a consistent basis.

“It was as though my body knew what to do without being told. No nerves, no confusion, just clarity of purpose.”

That’s a quote from Jason McGrath, a client of mine who used hypnosis to help him win his squash club’s championship. Let hypnosis help you achieve the same results with golf, whether you’re playing at Heritage Hills in York, Pleasant Valley in Stewartstown, or Pebble Beach.