When you want to make dramatic changes in your life, like losing weight or stopping smoking, the people around you have two choices – they can support you or they can be unsupportive. Some critics might quibble that they could also be neutral towards your change, but I believe you’re either supportive or you’re not and being neutral is not being supportive. Though once you’ve made the change, the non-supporters usually come, but the earlier that happens, the better for you, right?

So how do you deal with that? One thing we work on together in hypnosis is strengthening your self-confidence and determination to meet your goals. I use the great hypnotist Don Mottin’s mantra, “There is no person, thought, idea, memory, image, feeling, or sensation out of the past, in the present, or ever to arrive in the future that could stop me from being successful.” Pretty powerful.

We also can work together to change the way you perceive a negative comment or behavior. Instead of reacting with anger or unhappiness, the comment will reinforce your desire and commitment to make the change. So if a smoker were to mock you for not smoking, it would only make your determination great and help ensure your success. It’s why people who are hypnotized to stop smoking can be around smokers without any cravings or urges. It makes them feel better, not worse.

That’s really the heart of hypnosis. Hypnotists help you rapidly change negative thoughts into positive ones, leading towards great success.