Did you know that humans are born with only two fears? The fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. That makes complete sense. Without the fear of falling, the human race would be extinct, as we all would have fallen off cliffs. Fear of loud sounds is also natural, protecting us from natural disasters and noisy predators. So if we’re only born with two fears, where do the rest come from?
Fears are learned. What’s learned can be unlearned. Think about it for a moment. You weren’t born with a fear of bridges, flying, public speaking, or snakes. You learned it. If it can be learned, it can be unlearned. That’s right, what the mind can create, it also can eliminate.
Hypnosis is proven to reduce fears quickly and permanently. Recently I helped someone who was deathly afraid of heights and after two sessions she was able to go on vacation and ride a ski lift easily and effortlessly.
Think about how much energy is wasted on anxiety and stress caused by fear. Wouldn’t it be create if you could use that energy on success and accomplishment? Hypnosis will allow you to do just that.
Most fears can be eliminated or greatly reduced in 3-5 sessions. That’s right, you can be free of a lifelong fear in just a couple of weeks. If you’ve been held back by fears, break free with hypnosis. Come in for a free evaluation and we’ll discuss how you can eliminate your fears and enjoy more of life.