I was getting ready to start painting a few things today when the negative thoughts started. “What if I were to drip paint on carpet? I always push the paintbrush over the tape and get on the nearby surface that’s another color. This will take forever.” I stepped back, took a deep breath, and banished those thoughts and replaced them with one thought – “I will paint quickly, neatly, and carefully.” I then started painting and did just that.
That’s what hypnosis can do for you with far more damaging thoughts. If you think you’re going to mess up the presentation at work or go blank during a test at school or fail your driver’s test, you will because you’ve already programmed that failure into your subconscious mind. Hypnosis will replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts and self-confidence. It’s become natural for you. So if you find yourself talking negatively to yourself and want to stop it quickly, easily, and permanently, come in for a free consultation to learn how hypnosis will help you live your best life.