Many people who would like to lose weight will often tell me that they’d be doing fine if they “could just control their cravings.” They’re not alone, as the same issue comes up with people who want to stop smoking. Logically, we know we shouldn’t have that slice of cheesecake or that cigarette after dinner, but emotionally, we want it. Unfortunately for controlling cravings, logic never triumphs over emotion.

There is hope! Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind, which is the emotional mind. It’s why hypnosis is so effective. While you’re in hypnosis, a trained hypnotist will give you suggestions to reduce and even eliminate those cravings. We can even help you a feeling of success and happiness when you turn down something that you used to crave. Wouldn’t it be great if you turned down a piece of pecan pie and felt great when you did so? With hypnosis, you will be doing just that. Unless you want to keep eating pecan pie, of course. 🙂

That’s the key to hypnosis. It helps you take back control of parts of your life where you didn’t have control, such as with overeating and smoking. You don’t give up control of your mind in hypnosis, you take it back.

I’ve been helping people in York County take control of their lives with hypnosis for over four years. If you’re looking to lose weight, stop smoking, or just live a better life, hypnosis can help. Give me a call and we’ll set up a free evaluation so you can learn how to put your mind to work for you.