Conquering Test Anxiety

With the emphasis placed on standardized tests, entrance exams, and other tests, it’s no wonder people get tense or anxious taking tests. Stress, anxiety, and worry while studying or taking a test can prevent people from performing their best. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into that classroom or testing facility fully relaxed and filled with confidence? Hypnosis will help you to do that. Hypnosis is a proven method for eliminating stress and anxiety while improving focus and concentration. When you’re relaxed and calm, recall improves and so will your test results. Hypnosis will help you relax and perform to the best of your ability. Increase your confidence, decrease your anxiety, and take tests without fear or worry.

Carl Birkmeyer Hypnosis offers a special Overcoming Test Anxiety Program that has helped others achieve success in testing, whether it’s the SAT, GMAT, or the Bar Exam. Don’t let anxiety and stress hold you back from achieving your goals. Get in touch today and set up your free evaluation to see how hypnosis will help you succeed.


Let Carl Birkmeyer Hypnosis help you walk into the classroom calm, relaxed, and confident

My Conquer Test Anxiety Program

  • Three visits over four weeks.
  • Take home audio file for reinforcement.
  • Customizable for specific tests or certifications like the SAT, GRE, LAST, or any other test, if desired.
  • Instruction in self-hypnosis.