Breaking Bad Habits With Hypnosis

Have you ever been in a meeting when you suddenly realize that you’ve been biting your nails or grinding your teeth? Bad habits can be frustrating, embarrassing, and can lead to unhappiness. Hypnosis helps you eliminate bad habits that formed years ago through repetitive behavior, such as nail biting, picking, teeth grinding, and leg tapping. No matter how many New Years’ Resolutions you’ve set or times you’ve tried, these bad habits just don’t respond to your orders to stop. Isn’t it time you started putting your mind to work for YOU instead of against you? Hypnosis will put you on the path to success.

Completing one of Carl Birkmeyer Hypnosis’ programs will allow you to use the time and energy you used to spend on your unwanted habit to instead help you succeed.


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“My whole life, I was always embarrassed and trying to hide my bloody fingers from picking and biting my nails and cuticles. Thanks to Carl’s Hypnosis, I’ve learned to identify my stress as it happens and deal with it in more positive ways.”
Brad from Red Lion