Achieve Peak Performance in Sports

“Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.”

– Yogi Berra

Ask any professional athlete and they’ll tell you that Yogi Berra was right – mental preparation is a huge part of success in any sport. Hypnosis has been proven to be successful with helping athletes of all ages and types improve their game. Tiger Woods, Mary Lou Retton, Jack Nicklaus, Kevin McBride, and the Swiss Ski Team are just a few athletes that have used hypnosis to hone their skills. It’s not just for professional athletes though, every person can benefit from working with a certified hypnotist. Even if all you want to do is knock a few strokes off your golf handicap! It all starts with your free hypnosis evaluation.

“Winning the Squash Club Championships was a pipe dream until hypnosis enabled me to channel my focus like never before – it was as though my body knew what to do without being told. No nerves, no confusion, just clarity of purpose – Amazing results!”

– Jason M.

The Peak Performance Program

I offer a special three-session Peak Performance Program for all interested athletes. These individual sessions work on focus, concentration, and visualization, enabling you to improve your performance. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and you’ll be amazed at the positive changes in your game after just one session. The Sports Improvement Package includes:

  • Three custom hypnosis sessions.
  • A self-hypnosis MP3 file for home usage.
  • Instruction in self-hypnosis.

Get in touch today for a fee evaluation to learn how you can use hypnosis to improve your athletic achievements.