Lose Weight With Hypnosis

I offer both group and individual weight loss sessions that will help you manage your weight without drugs, surgery, or bizarre diets. Hypnosis won’t make asparagus taste like chocolate but it will help you lose weight by helping reduce your cravings and increase your desire to eat healthy foods and exercise. Start losing weight and living the life you want by using hypnosis.

Get on your way to reaching your goal weight in my weight loss program. The next group starts September 27th. It will meet 7 times over three months to get you started on a new way of eating. I also offer individual weight loss programs for people who want a more private experience. Weight loss plans start at $199 so send me an email and join today!

Some of the Services Offered

Sleep Deeper and Better

Visit the Dentist or Doctor Without Fear

Stamp Out Bad Habits

Erase Fears and Phobias

Increase Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Control Panic Attacks

Improve Study Habits and School Results

How hypnosis will help you

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness featuring profound focus and concentration. While in hypnosis your subconscious mind becomes extremely reception to positive suggestions. This will allow you to eliminate negative thoughts, false beliefs, and unwanted behaviors that keep you from living your best life. Everyone experiences hypnosis daily – you must pass through the state of hypnosis in order to fall asleep. Let Carl Birkmeyer Hypnosis guide you through a powerful and life-changing hypnosis experience to help you reach your goals. Get in touch today to request your free consultation.

Stop Smoking Now

Hypnosis will allow you to take control and eliminate smoking from your life without using drugs or patches. Start living a smoke free life with Carl Birkmeyer Hypnosis. Stop wasting money and your health on cigarettes and start to live healthier today with my two-week Stop Smoking Program.

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